Happy New Year!!
We’re here! And regardless if you do a new year’s resolution, it’s hard to not think about what will be different this year. What opportunities/unknowns might be in store for my job, my family, my neighbors? It’s year three of COVID and regardless how you feel about it, it’s touching all of us. It’s impacting our jobs, our family and our neighbors. So why bring it up? Well, as I travel to each of our clubs, I’m blessed to know that we are all rallying around our communities. I see problem solving at the highest levels where Rotarians are innovating community impact making sure that regardless of the adversities, they are present as people of action where it’s needed.
If you’re one that is still looking for that new year’s resolution, allow me to challenge you that this is the year to reach out to your neighbor, friend, co-worker, and ask them how they are doing? We’re not here to judge, but to listen. When the time is right, and they’d like a safe place to share their background, bring their ideas, and act on the same passion you have for the community they live in, don’t hesitate to let them know Rotary is here and not going anywhere.
Thank you for all you do and Happy New Year and blessings to you, your family and your neighbors…let them know I said so 😉
Matt Tipton
District Governor 2021-2022