District 5750 Rotarians have eleven matching grant projects in the process of consideration, approval, funding or completion at this time.  Several additional projects are in the discussion stage as we approach the March 31st deadline for submission of matching grant applications for Rotary year 2014-15.  District 5750 Rotarians are working with their fellow Rotarians in India, Uganda, Turkey, Romania, Russia and Columbia with support from Rotarians in Germany, Sweden, Canada and the Czech Republic to make our efforts truly world wide.  While the projects are important and the amount of money pledged plus the match is significant, the most important part is the lives we save and families we empower.  Please review the following and see how you and your fellow Rotarians are making a difference around the world.
For more information on any of the projects listed, or to get involved, please contact Bob Medley RMedley@Medley-Insurance.Com