Promoting Peace, Hope and Action in 2024
In Rotary International President Gordon McInally’s January 2024 letter, he expressed deep concern over the devastating impact of war, emphasizing Rotary’s unwavering commitment to peace. Rotary, with a global membership of 1.4 million, stands against harming civilians and advocates for peaceful solutions while maintaining a nonpartisan stance. Rotary has a rich history of promoting peace through humanitarian assistance, cross-cultural connections, and addressing root causes of conflict.
Rotary remains optimistic, urging members to utilize grants, engage in peace-focused projects, and participate in initiatives like the Positive Peace Academy.
“Still, we know that it is possible to bring all people together to work toward a shared goal. Rotary members do so every day in every part of the world. May our ability to unify in common purpose be a spark that helps light the path out of these dark days. Together, let’s Create Hope in the World,” said President McInally.
In District 5750, we have the opportunity to promote peace with variety of programs from our Wings of Rotary student exchange to a variety of service projects highlighted in this newsletter.
We are also promoting our next round of Rotary club leaders.  It is time to update Clubrunner, submit tax paperwork and start making plans for your President-elects to attend the Mid-America President Elect Training.
We also have an all star line-up at our upcoming Hope in the Heartland Tri-District Conference at Oklahoma’s only six diamond resort, the Choctaw Resort and Casino.  Please visit the District Conference landing page for the latest news and agenda.  LINK HERE.  For those of you who pre-registered for a discounted hotel rate, the hotel registration information will be coming your way this month.
This Rotary Year, we are promoting our theme of “Creating Hope in the World.”  Recently I completed Dr. Chan Hellman’s Hope Navigator certification about the Science of Hope. 
Defining Hope:  Hope is the belief the future can be better and you have a role to play in making it so.
Clarifying the Simplicity:  Hope is based upon three simple concepts of Goals, Pathways and Willpower.  We all set and pursue goals every day.  Hope is based upon our capacity to set and pursue the pathways toward the goals and dedicate the willpower to sustain those pathways pursuits.
Hope is more than Wishing:  Both pathways and willpower are required for hope.  Wishing is having the desire (willpower) but not having the pathways.  Wishing is passive toward the goals, hope is about taking action to pursue the future you desire.
Hope is the process and strongest predictors of the outcome of well being.
District 5750 Rotarians are People of Hope and Action.   Thank you for creating hope in the world!
I am honored to serve as your District Governor.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you achieve your goals as a District 5750 Rotarian. 

In Your Service,