Hello District 5750 Club Presidents and Foundation Chairs! Thank you to all who supported our Hand Sanitizer Project for our first responders! Those efforts made a real difference in our communities and we are proud to be People of Action in times like these! 
The reason for our communication today is that we have another great opportunity to help those in need by way of a Disaster Response Grant offered by Rotary International. We applied for and received $25,000!  We have formed a special committee to oversee the use of these funds, and we have some exciting opportunities for your clubs to get involved; and again, be PEOPLE OF ACTION!
We are very aware that our clubs depend on fundraisers to bolster club finances, which are then used in your communities for special projects.  We know that due to COVID-19, many of the planned fundraisers have been postponed or cancelled.  With this is mind, we have come up with some creative ways for you to get involved and benefit from this Disaster Grant, even if matching funds are not an option for your club. 
The focus of our grant is providing food to those in need due to COVID-19.  We have a broad range of ways to help when it comes to providing food.  Below we have outlined three potential ways for your members to get involved.  Please note, if your club wants to present another idea on how to get food in the hands of those in need, we are open to creative ideas that would be a best fit for your community!  Keep in mind, any idea brought to the committee must include a process of invoicing for product.  RI does not allow the distribution of unrestricted funds in donation form.
Potential participation opportunities include:
1.      Identify a food pantry or food bank in your local area and work with them to obtain food.  This option would require some level of matching funds from your club as well as an invoicing process to show the purchase of the food for the pantry.
2.      Identify a Meals on Wheels, or similar program, and work with them to obtain food for their efforts.   This option could require some level of matching funds, but that could be minimized if club members are willing to volunteer time to help prepare, package or deliver food for the program.  This option will also require an invoicing process to show the purchase of food.
3.      Host a food drive for residents in your area.  This option would not require matching funds.  The grant money would be distributed to your club through actual invoices for product, to secure non-perishable food, and your club would then plan and host a drive-through grocery pick-up for those in need.  One of our committee members has done this recently with a church group, and we are happy to offer planning ideas to help your food drive be a success.
Again, the above are just some ideas.  We want to welcome creativity and flexibility so that each community is served in the best way possible.  The form (AVAILABLE HERE) is required for your participation.  Please complete the form and return no later than June 29, 2020.  We will then respond and determine next steps for your project.
Thank you for your wiliness to serve your local communities.  Rotarians of District 5750 are answering the call, and I couldn’t be prouder!