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The district is working very hard to ensure a very rewarding RYLA event this July. As you can imagine planning a youth camp during this recovering pandemic has become quite the challenge; and yet; our brilliant RYLA team is preparing an event student will always remember. So, clubs keep those applications coming; and more importantly, continue your financial support for the future of Rotary.

 Here is what’s in the works…

 eRYLA! The world’s most powerful virtual leadership retreat! Trailblazer Retreat July 8-10 (Wed-Fri), Camper Retreat 13-17 (Mon-Fri).  We will be engaging students in a variety of activities throughout the week, using a single platform as a “base camp” for ease of navigation, from which we will be using several different apps, videos, chats, and other platforms. We’re working to make sure: (a.) all our outcomes are met, (b.) it is fun, and (c.) there is a mixture of screen time games, rich debriefings, as well as movement/non-sitting/screen-light engagement. We are planning sessions too that will help with the students’ mental well-being.

BONUS! In addition to making our RYLA happen for our campers, we have around 80-90 returning students (in some leadership capacity). eRYLA is also for their growth and development. They are learning to navigate and lead in this digital environment, learning also how to keep the human side present, even in a virtual world.

PLUS, so far, every RYLA around us has cancelled or likely will. If we build this successfully, our district can be the one to lead eRYLA all over. There are districts that are currently devastated by the cancellations and still others that would love to have a RYLA for the first time. Wouldn’t it be awesome if 5750 is there, ready to go?

Currently there are 27 people working on creating eRYLA: 5 Rotarians, 14 Senior Exec Leaders, and 8 Elders (all have been with RYLA a minimum of 6 years, most more than that). The focus of eRYLA will be the same as the regular camp, focusing on power skills like self-awareness, respect for differences, critical thinking, motivation, leadership, creativity and innovation to name a few.

So, keep the momentum of RYLA strong. We’ll have a very successful camp this year.

To the future of Rotary,

Jeff Gabelsberg                                                                                            Lance Singleton
RYLA Chair, 2018-2021                                                                              District Governor, 2019-2020