D5750 District Grants Training – 2023-2024 Rotary Year

In addition to having the required training through our live online grants seminar, we also offer a recorded online grants seminar as an alternative.  The goal is to make the training more accessible to all Rotarians in the district and to expand club members’ understanding of both global and district grants.
Using online training, clubs can meet the qualification requirement that 2 club members attend grants training AND make information about grants available in detail to every club member. Remember, two members must complete the training.
For this year, we are sharing out a recording of our online training seminar from April 2023. Once you’ve viewed the online seminar found in the left banner, please use the link below it to finish a short quiz.  The results of the quiz will be sent to District 5750 foundation leadership, to ensure that you get credit for the training.