Sponsor a Rotaract Club
District 5750 has made a commitment to expanding Rotaract in our District, particularly at institutions of higher learning. But it is important to recognize that Rotaract clubs are not simply organizations for kids: they are Rotary club partners. Before undertaking the formation of a Rotaract club, please talk first with the District Rotaract Chair, David Postic, so he can discuss several guidelines the District has implemented to facilitate the creation of healthy, sustainable Rotaract clubs:

1. At least two sponsoring Rotary clubs. There are several benefits to dual sponsorship. First, it helps connect Rotary clubs when they communicate and work with other toward a common goal. Second, it provides more energy, ideas, and enthusiasm. And last and most importantly, it gives the Rotaractors access to more Rotarians to mentor them and guide them into Rotary.

2. Total funding of $1,000. Rotary financial support is vital to Rotaract clubs, particularly when Rotaractors are students without much available funds. Therefore, we recommend that sponsoring Rotary clubs dedicate at least $1,000 to help the Rotaract club meet its administrative needs and to provide seed money for club projects.

3. Rotary-Rotaract Liaison. Each sponsoring Rotary club should appoint a liaison who attends Rotaract meetings on a consistent basis. It is crucial, however, that the liaison understand they are not there to lead the club or to tell them how to run things. The role of the Rotarian advisor is to show support, help coordinate projects and activities with the sponsoring Rotary club, and to be a resource of knowledge, skills, and connections for Rotaractors. All Rotarians wishing to serve as a Rotaract club advisor should undergo training with the District Rotaract Chair.

4. Career Counseling/Mentorship. One of our goals as sponsoring Rotary clubs is to help mentor Rotaractors in their career paths. As an organization of professionals, Rotarians are well-positioned to provide guidance in their fields, help with resume-building, and assist Rotaractors in developing other professional skills, such as practice interviews.

5. Rotary Club Plug-in Follow Up. Rotarian liaisons should be aware of which Rotaractors are graduating, if they have jobs, and where they are going to live after graduation; many students do not remain in the area where their university is. Rotarians should serve as a bridge to help connect Rotaractors with a Rotary club in their new town and to encourage them to become Rotarians.

Youth Service (which includes Rotaract) is one of Rotary's Five Avenues of Service, and arguably the most important one since Rotary youth program participants are the future of this organization. Therefore, we hope that you and your Rotary club will consider getting involved with Rotaract or one of the other amazing Youth Service programs.