You’re Invited!!
It’s time to start planning that road trip to place down under! No, not Australia, I’m talking about our neighbor to the south, Houston, TX!
I haven’t been in Rotary for a long amount of time by comparison, but in the time I have been in Rotary, I haven’t had the opportunity to make the commitment (time and money) to go to the International Convention. I’ve heard the stories and how exciting it is to see the international landscape in one place. As a Rotarian, it’s definitely a bucket list item, and it’s exciting to know that it will be in our backyard this Rotary year. If there was ever a time to make the time and do it, this is it! Grab ten of your closest Rotarian friends, rent the party bus and head that way!
Here’s a link to learn more and to register June 4th – 8th, 2022
Matt Tipton
District Governor 2021-2022