Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.

Rotary District 5750 supports the great work of 35 active community-based clubs with nearly 2,000 Rotarians.  In addition to our clubs’ amazing and impactful work, our District also promotes incredible programs that enrich lives near and far. To find out more, check out to find a club near you or peruse our club directory in the menu above to visit your nearest club this week!

It’s not a secret that membership is a big push for Rotary. We’ve seen a trending decline in the United States over the years and multiple theories and excuses to go with it. I could pile on with the frustrations of these trends and throw in a few excuses of my own, but I’d rather present you with some tools and steps to enhance your Rotary experience with people you enjoy and present an opportunity for you to share what has meant so much to you and your life experience.
Simply, I want us to reflect on “Why?” we joined Rotary. For me, it was community. That included my friends, my interests and my love for where I live. Rotary checked all the boxes and when it came to investing my time and money, there wasn’t a better return on my investment. Why is that important? Well, when we think about who we surround ourselves with, it’s typically people we have common interests with and people we enjoy doing life together with. Who better to have join us a Rotary? It doesn’t have to be forced. Rotary has put in place a framework that does the heavy lifting for you. We’re not looking to bat a thousand, but let’s take a moment and think about who we surround ourselves with and who might benefit from an hour of good vibes and positivity for the week. The theme this year is “Rotary Changes Lives”, and I’m here to submit that additionally, “Rotary Enhances Lives”!

Rotary shouldn’t be a secret, let's instead make it contagious!

Matt Tipton
District Governor 2021-2022
Rotary District 5750 is pleased to announce the selection of Jeanean Yanish Jones from Rotary Club of Oklahoma as the District Governor Nominee Designate to serve in 2023-24 as District Governor. 
With more than 25 years of professional, visionary, enthusiastic, relational and results-oriented nonprofit leadership, Jeanean leads the Health Alliance for the Uninsured with a passion for helping those in need providing more than 3,000 physician specialist services and $3.5 million of medication assistance annually for more than 17 free and charitable clinics in Central Oklahoma.  Through her doctorate work, she is the founder of the Live Love Laugh Leadership Curriculum and Podcast program focused on whole person – mind, body and spirit health and leadership integration.
Her past expertise in leadership, fundraising and strategic planning as a non-profit professional includes the Green Shoe Foundation, Oklahoma Christian School and The Salvation Army.  Jeanean was selected as the Journal Record’s 2020 Healthcare Hero, Edmond Chamber’s 2017 Woman of the Year finalist and the Journal Record’s 2018 Woman of the Year’s Woman Making a Difference recipient.  Jeanean has deep expertise in turning visions into successes by serving people and giving back to her community.  Jeanean served on the boards with the Oklahoma Charitable Clinic Association statewide chairman and as an agency director with the United Way of Central Oklahoma.
Jeanean is a member of the Rotary Club of Oklahoma City and her Rotary background includes serving as President at the Rotary Club of Edmond in 2016-2017, past secretary of Rotary Club of Edmond and Community Service Chair. She is a Paul Harris Fellow and has served Rotary District 5750 as its District Membership Co-chair and currently serves as an Assistant District Governor. 
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