The District 5750 International Service Committee is working to develop several Global Grant Projects and is looking for additional clubs to join, and support, the grants.
  • The Montenegro RC Bar project will purchase medical equipment for maternity hospital wards in two cities in Montenegro. Additionally, they will also provide education to women in the area on how to prevent preeclampsia and pregnancy complications. To learn more, contact Mary Jane Calvey at
  • Malaria Partners International has developed a project supporting the effort in Uganda to eliminate malaria. This project involves spraying and distributing bed nets in areas where malaria is endemic, as well as educating residents of those areas on how to reduce exposure to malaria carrying mosquitoes.  To learn more, contact Clayton Taylor at 
Clubs interested in learning more should reach out to the contacts listed above. 
If your club is interested in learning more about International Service and Global Grants in general, reach out to either Mary Jane Calvey or Larry Stone for an upcoming program!