OKC Rotary and Malaria Partners International have begun work on a global grant to fight malaria in the Katakwi District in Uganda. Malaria kills 409,000 people each year, 67% of whom are under five years old. A model Malaria Partners project in Zambia resulted in a reduction in Malaria cases from 30% of the population to 5%, and in the twenty four months since the completion of that project, no children have died of malaria in the project area.
Katakwi District has a population of 192,000 people spread across 457 villages. Malaria is by the far the leading cause of death in the district. This project will train Village Health Workers to spot and treat malaria outbreaks before they can become larger. To complete the work, the project will raise several million dollars including matching grants by organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and World Vision. 
In the coming weeks, we will be have more details to share. If your club would like to participate in this very significant global grant, please contact Clayton Taylor at claytontaylor@cox.net or Larry Stone at larry.stone@fourstone.com.