The Midwest City Rotary Club celebrated the service of its longest-tenured members in their Legacy Celebration event on May 16, 2022.  The celebration focused on those members that had been in the club for at least 30 years.  This specific club was founded in Midwest City on October 28, 1954 and several of the members have been a part of the club almost since its inception and most with perfect attendance for their entire membership. 
Midwest City Rotary Club President, Austin Fisher stated, “These members have served tirelessly and have been a model for all others that have followed their leadership throughout the years.”
Mayor Matt Dukes and the City of Midwest City declared the day ‘Midwest City Rotary Legacy Recognition Day’ and read an Executive Proclamation stating such for each of the members being celebrated.
The members being recognized include: Ed Miller,  38 years (Sept 1, 1984), President, 90-91; Ray Reeves,  38 years (Nov 1 1984), President, 95-96; Hollis Lloyd, 38 years, (April 1, 1984 ); Terry Gust, 43 years (1979), President 96-97; Jay Orr, 49 years (Dec 1, 1973), President, 86-87; Frank Barnett, 51 years (1971), President 94-95; Bill Porter, 55 years (Oct 24, 1967), President 78-79; James Howell, 59 years, (May 8, 1963), President 70-71; Robert Croak, 59 years (spring 1963) ; Tony Thomas,  61 years (June 19, 1961), President 66-67 and Fred Quinn, 63 years (Oct 5, 1959, President 75-76.
These eleven service-minded members combined for a staggering 552 years of Rotary service.
In addition to the Mayor’s Proclamation, the club provided a special celebratory menu for lunch including a great Rotary designed cake and each of the members also received a custom embroidered jacket as a small token of the community’s appreciation of their service.