November 2015
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District Governor Lance Phillip's November newsletter is now available online HERE.


Foundation Cadre and Club Member Training
The District Foundation Committee is beginning a new program called the Foundation Cadre.  The Cadre will consist of between 6 and 10 Rotarians who are interested in becoming experts in The Rotary Foundation including Foundation Programs, Support of the Foundation, Grants, and the District’s and Clubs’ Roles interacting with the Foundation.
Cadre members will be available to Clubs for Programs, Club Assemblies, Board Meetings and Foundation Seminars.  They will function much like an Assistant Governor, but with special emphasis on The Rotary Foundation.
Anyone interested in being part of the Foundation Cadre Program please contact Chuck Musgrave at or Kevin Clark at
The Cadre will begin training sometime around the middle of November.  It is envisioned that the First Training Session will be in November with other sessions to follow as the team thinks are warranted.   Training days and times will be worked out once the team is assembled.  
Individual Rotarians are Invited to attend the Training.
Clubs which want a Rotary Expert in their club are invited to nominate one or more  individuals to attend the Cadre Training Sessions.  Club members will not be expected to do programs, etc.
Individual Rotarians who wish to attend the Sessions are welcome, but advance registration will be required. If you are interested in attending Training Sessions contact Chuck or Kevin. 

Yes, we are still around, lots of us actually.
This year we have a special opportunity to support Rotary in the most TAX EFFICIENT WAY POSSIBLE:  The direct contribution of part of our Required Minimum Distribution from our IRA.
As we know all to well, the RMD is taxed as ordinary income.  That is not good.
But, if your IRA Custodian is instructed to make a direct contribution of part of your RMD to a recognized 501(C)(3), such as The Rotary Foundation, the charity gets all the money and you don’t pay any taxes.  You don’t get a deduction, but you don’t pay any taxes.  This is even better than donating appreciated stock.
Unfortunately, you cannot use this program to fund a Donor Advised Fund. 
But, you can for example participate in a Global Grant by donating to a Foundation which then becomes a sponsor on the grant.  This is also a great tool for time shifting a donation.  Donate this year, fund a project next year.
I know this works because I have done it successfully.  Ask your accountant.
If you have any questions, please contact me.  In addition to The Rotary Foundation itself, we have a qualified District Foundation and several Clubs have qualified Foundations.
This is a great tax efficient way to support Rotary and its programs.
Chuck Musgrave
District Rotary Foundation Committee Chairman

As per the Bylaws of District 5750, Past District Governor Michelle Schaefer is announcing that nominations for District Governor for 2018-19 are open. She will convene a Nominating Committee in early December. If you or someone you know is interested in applying, please submit an application to by November 30. (Application available at end of newsletter.) For more information, email her or call her at 405-627-2006. The qualifications are as follows:
Article 3: Section 7. QUALIFICATIONS OF A GOVERNOR-NOMINEE. Unless specifically excused by the board, no person shall be selected as nominee for governor unless the Rotarian has the following qualifications at the time of selection.
  • a. The Rotarian must be a member in good standing of a functioning club in the district.
  • b. The Rotarian must have full qualifications for such membership in the strict application of the provisions therefore, and the integrity of the Rotarian’s classification must be without question.
  • c. The Rotarian must have served as president of a club for a full term or be a charter president of a club having served the full term from the date of charter to 30 June, provided that this period is at least six months.
  • d. The Rotarian must demonstrate willingness, commitment, and ability, physically and otherwise, to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the office of governor as provided in Duties of a Governor in section 15.090 of the Rotary International By-Laws.
  • e. The Rotarian must demonstrate knowledge of the qualification, duties, and responsibilities of a governor as prescribed in the bylaws and submit to RI, through its general secretary, a signed statement that the Rotarian understands clearly such qualifications, duties, and responsibilities. Such statement shall also confirm that the Rotarian is qualified for the office of governor and willing and able to assume the duties and responsibilities of that office and to perform them faithfully.
  • f. Unless specifically excused by the board, a governor at the time of taking office must have attended the international assembly for its full duration, been a member of one or more Rotary clubs for at least seven years, and must continue to possess the qualifications in Qualifications of a Governor-Nominee in section 15.070 of the Rotary International By-Laws.
  • g. Unless specifically excused by the board, a governor at the time of taking office must have been a member of a functioning club in the district for four years.



One sunny morning at the end of June 1991, a van drove through the busy, rush-hour streets of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Winding through traffic to a northern suburb, the van arrived at the Forward Command Headquarters of the Defense Ministry. Security guards stopped it for inspection. When they did, the two suicide bombers driving the van detonated their cargo: thousands of kilograms of plastic explosives.

The roof of the building was blown off completely. Debris was strewn for blocks. In total, 21 people were killed and 175 people injured, among them many pupils of the girls' school next door. More than a kilometer away, the blast shattered every window in my home. My wife raced toward the sound of the explosion – toward our daughter's school.

Our daughter was then nine years old. That morning, she...

Fellow Rotarians,
As we approach the half way point in our Rotary year, I believe November I truly a month to give thanks.  Thanks for what we have achieved thus far and thanks for the opportunities yet to come.  I want to personally thank each member of our District for a number of things. 
First, is the desire to serve.  This, above all else, is why I became a Rotarian.  I believe it is why many of you became one as well.  The motto of Rotary is Service Above Self.  The good we accomplish in District 5750, locally, nationally and internationally, is a constant source of pride and inspiration for me.  The greatest joy in attending club meetings is when members start talking about the service project they are involved in.  The pride they take in discussing long term projects, as well as ideas for new projects, is a real sign that District 5750 is really trying to follow the theme this year to Be a Gift to the World.  Thank you all for your service.
Second, is the desire to give.  Our District does a wonderful job of donating to the Rotary Foundation!  As a past District Foundation Chair and Grants Chair I know exactly what this giving can accomplish.   Part of my talks with each club is to...

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