This year the initial deadline of is May 15, 2018 has been extended to June 1, 2018 to submit your district grants. Remember, the District will match on a 2 for 1 basis, so you can really extend your club dollars for a very worthy community project near you or even abroad.

The process is straightforward and the 3 primary forms that need to be submitted can be found on the left side of this page.
The 3 forms are:
  • Club Memorandum of Understanding – simply have the current President and the President Elect sign the last page.
  • Club Financial Management Plan Template – Enter your club name (2 locations) and date on the first page.
  • 2018-2019 District Grant Application – Complete the application and secure 2 signatures. Instructions are provided in the document. Remember, the club must contribute their own funds at a rate of 1/3 of the total grant amount. So, if a grant amounted to $3,000, the club would need to provide $1,000 and the District would award $2,000. Be sure to provide evidence of estimated costs, such as an estimate from a vendor or a screenshot of an online merchant.
These forms can be submitted to:
Lance Singleton, Co-chair District Grants
405-463-0852 – fax
Other club qualification requirements:
  • At least 2 members must participate in grants training each year. The District conducted 3 sessions thus far, but if you can still take the online training here.
  • Enter club Annual Fund giving goal in Rotary Club Central.
  • Support the Rotary Foundation at least $50 per member.
  • Submit final reports for all open District Grants from prior or current year (217-2018). If the grant is not yet complete, a progress report is needed.
  • Maintain a grant bank account to receive and expend all grant funds.
Now is the time to get your share of the money!
Check out May's RNN to find out what our District and clubs are up to! 
Please remember that it's our intention for all of our clubs to show this news video 1 time per month during the club meeting of your choice. Larger clubs can show this on a widescreen TV format; smaller clubs may want to just have members gather around a laptop and view this. How you do it is up to you. If you download the video before your meeting to a USB or something similar, you won't need internet access to play it. If you need any assistance with playing the video at a club meeting, please contact your assigned Director of Technology. 
Our new MOP - By Laws have been almost unanimously approved by our District Electors. They will go into effect on July 1, 2018. The MOP - By Laws are a complete revision of our soon to be previous document and it will bring us an up-to-date, modern, more relevant and workable framework for managing and growing our District. 
You can find the current By-Laws, as well as the new approved By-Laws and Manual of Procedure under "District Documents" here
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